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Dreaming about pages and pages of GCSE questions? Tired of searching for a GCSE tutor in your area? Collecting past papers to revise? Bored of doing coursework revision hundreds of times?

Take a breath and make your GCSE preparation a fun activity with our collection of GCSE apps.

Here comes the most comprehensive GCSE Maths- Statistics app.

Features include:

  • Highest quality and quantity: 375 questions in all just for Stats!. High quality content written by experienced GCSE tutors.
  • Revise by topic: Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Presentation, Probability
  • Mock test: Mixed questions from all topics
  • Instant feedback: Know instantly if your answer was right or wrong.
  • Review with Explanation: Review each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question.
  • Progress Meter : With our unique progress tracking feature, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%.

More details on topics:


  • Collection data (F)
  • Data and data collection (H)
  • Surveys (H)
  • Sampling (H)


  • Pictograms (F)
  • Bar charts (F)
  • Statistics (F)
  • Pie-charts (F)
  • Scatter diagrams (F)
  • Line graphs (F)
  • Correlation (F)
  • Line f best fit (F)
  • Two way tables (F)
  • Cumulative frequency diagrams (H)
  • Box plots (H)
  • Histograms (H)


  • Mode (F)
  • Median (F)
  • Mean (F)
  • Range (F)
  • Which average to use (F)
  • Frequency tables (F)
  • Grouped data (F)
  • Stem and leaf diagrams (F)
  • The data handling cycle (F)


  • The probability scale (F)
  • Probability of not an event (F)
  • Addition rule for mutually exclusive outcomes (F)
  • Relative frequency (F)
  • Combined events (F)
  • Additional rule for events (F)
  • Calculating probabilities (F)
  • Expectation (F)
  • MUtually exclusive and exhaustive events (F)
  • Tree diagrams (H)
  • Independent events (H)
  • At least problems (H)