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Take a breath and make your GCSE preparation a fun activity with our collection of GCSE apps.

Here comes the most comprehensive GCSE Maths- Number app.

Features include:

  • Highest quality and quantity: 760 questions in all just for Number!. High quality content written by experienced GCSE tutors.
  • Revise by topic: Basics, factors, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, percentages, powers, roots and surds, ratios, speed, proportion and variation, approximation and rounding.
  • Mock test: Mixed questions from all topics
  • Instant feedback: Know instantly if your answer was right or wrong.
  • Review with Explanation: Review each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question.
  • Progress Meter : With our unique progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%.

More details on topics:

1.  Number Basics:

  • The number line (F)
  • Ordering Numbers and Place Values (F)
  • Negative Numbers (F)
  • Column Addition and Subtraction (F)
  • Addition and subtraction with negative numbers (F)
  • Order of operations and BODMAS (F)
  • Number problems in words (F)

2. Factors, multiplication and division:

  • Times tables (F)
  • Multiplying and dividing by single-digit numbers (F)
  • Prime numbers (F)
  • Prime factors (F)
  • Factors (F)
  • Highest common factor (F)
  • Multiples (F)
  • Lowest common multiple (F)
  • Long multiplication (F)
  • Long division (F)
  • Multiplying and dividing with negative numbers (F)
  • Multiplying and dividing by decimals (F)
  • Real-life problems using multiplication and division (F)

3. Fraction, decimals and percentages:

  • Fractions of a shape (F)
  • Finding a fraction of a quantity (F)
  • Improper fractions and mixed numbers (F)
  • Equivalent fractions (F)
  • One quantity as a fraction of another (F)
  • Converting fractions into decimals (F)
  • Converting decimals into fractions (F)
  • Adding and subtracting fractions (F)
  • Multiplying fractions (F)
  • Dividing fractions (F)
  • Reciprocals (F)
  • Fraction problems in words (F)
  • Adding and subtracting decimals (F)
  • Decimals – multiplication and division (F)
  • Equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals (F)
  • Calculating a percentage of a quantity (F)
  • One quantity as a percentage of another (F)
  • Percentage change (F)
  • Percentage problems in words (F)
  • Compound interest (H)
  • Reverse percentage (H)

4Powers, roots and surds:

  • Square numbers (F)
  • Powers of 10 (F)
  • Multiplying using powers of 10 (F)
  • Dividing using powers of 10 (F)
  • Square roots and cube roots (F)
  • Multiplying powers (F)
  • Dividing powers (F)
  • Calculated Powers (F)
  • Power of a power (F)
  • Fractional and zero powers (H)
  • Negative powers (H)
  • Standard form (H)
  • Surds and pi (H)
  • Rationalising the denominator (H)
  • Solving problems with surds (H)

5.  Ratio, speed, proportion and variation:

  • Dividing amounts in ratios (F)
  • Ratios and fractions (F)
  • Calculating with ratios (F)
  • Ratio problems in words (F)
  • Best buys (F)
  • Speed (F)
  • Density (H)
  • Direct proportion (H)
  • Inverse proportion (H)

6. Approximation and rounding:

  • Significant figures (F)
  • Approximation of calculations (F)
  • Limits of accuracy (F)
  • Calculating with limits of accuracy (F)
  • Decimal places (F)
  • Rounding (F)