GCSE Latin


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GCSE Latin is our latest app in our GCSE apps series.
It tests you in Foundation and Higher Tier vocabulary which has over 475 words as defined in OCR syllabus.

This innovative app has beautiful flash cards with coverflow view which can be viewed either by Latin to English or English to Latin.

You can test yourself on vocab with intelligently designed quiz system. All words are categorized in topics. The practice module allows you to reattempt incorrectly answered questions or questions that you haven’t addressed yet. At the end of each test you can see the scores and review your answers. The pie chart shows your current progress.
Again, you can either test yourself in Latin to English or English to Latin.

Mock Test covers all the 475 words both ways and records your progress as you take them.

There are several other innovative feature that makes this app as perfect study and test tool for GCSE Latin Vocab